About Us


Tim Gale, President & CEO, AMS Group 
Tim Gale has over 30 years of experience in senior management in the U.S. defense industry.  Tim has served as CEO/President of several US-based joint ventures with European companies seeking to expand their presence in the U.S. Tim has extensive experience with all aspects of defense procurement and the need for comprehensive through life integrated logistic support.

Bob CursioSenior Vice President, Logistics, AMS Group  
Bob Cursio is a retired Colonel (0-6), US Army with Army sub-specialty in Operational Logistics and Acquisition Management.  Bob managed the US Special Operations Command, Special Operations Support Activity (SOFSA) in support of Special Operations Logistics inclusive of CH-47’s UH-60’s, Little Bird Helicopter, C-130 Gunships, and the CV-22 fleet while assigned to the US Special Operations Command.

Ian Gibson-Smith, President, Allied Defense Industries, Inc.
Ian Gibson-Smith has 30 years of experience managing a distribution company providing supply chain services to the US Department of Defense, NATO militaries and international prime contractors.  Ian is a lead designer of database solutions for aerospace and defense logistics support, sales and analysis.